The G.A.M.E.S. Synergy Summit sets the stage for the redefinition of ideas and techniques in a number of fields relating to education, entertainment, simulation and, training. The summit provides a melting pot approach where each attendee can help shape the future of their own field and others.

About Interactive Entertainment Institute, LLC

The Interactive Entertainment Institute, LLC is founded on the premise that interactive multimedia games, and the manner in which they engage and interact with those who play them, form the most profoundly important learning medium since the advent of the written word.
IEI is dedicated to disseminating information to, and facilitating synergistic cooperation and collaboration between, related industries, groups, governments and disciplines that are motivated to enhance and employ cutting edge interactive entertainment techniques and technologies in new ways and new applications.
By informing and building relationships across varied disciplines that use or could benefit from the new interactive technologies to educate, train, learn and entertain, IEI will facilitate the development of new ways to view and explore their potential in a manner that will benefit all sectors.

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